Family Day

February 15, 2021

Here are some ideas to get you moving this Family Day weekend!


  • Building forts and castles with cushions, blankets, pillows, tables and more!

  • Build an Obstacle course using stools, tables, tape, pillows and whatever else you have.

  • Virtual Talent Show with your friends and family - dress rehearsal then set up a virtual chat to share!

  • Broomball, all you need socks and brooms!

  • Virtual Family fitness with YPlay at the YMCA!

  • Have a Dance Party! Take turns with favourite songs for every family member.


  • Start a new tradition with Family Day Olympics! Sledding, snowball target, frisbee curling and more.

  • Snow painting - paint or food colouring, spray or squirt bottles - get creative in the snow!

  • Try a summer sport in winter! Ultimate frisbee, snow baseball, and soccer to name a few!

  • Build your own Scavenger hunt! Make a list of items to find at the park, or your own neighbourhood.

Check out these 4 Practical Tips from Active for Life for staying warm and safe in you outdoor play!

Physical Literacy impacts everyone - from infancy
and throughout our lives!

We have an extensive partner network that spans education, sport, health, media, and recreation sectors. Find out how you can get involved in spreading the word about physical literacy.

There are many ways to build physical literacy among all ages. In Kamloops, we're working with multiple sectors to increase understanding and action related to it! Learn more!

We're working to build capacity around physical literacy in the community through presentations and workshops. Contact us to request a presentation for your group.

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What's PLAY Kamloops?

PLAY Kamloops is a steering committee made up of community organizations, non-profits, and government sectors who are working to share their expertise and teach the importance of physical literacy with all residents in our City. 

What is Physical Literacy?

Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life. Everyone can develop physical literacy!

Workshops & Training

Interested in participating in our workshops and training opportunities, which help us increase our capacity to promote physical literacy in the community? New training opportunities are available all the time!

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